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Tantric Sexuality Beginners Guide DVD


Discover the ancient practice for sensual massage, meditative lovemaking, breathing and energy work. This DVD is a step by step guide for beginners.

Product Description

Tantra is an ancient approach to lovemaking and life, which embraces sexual relating as a path of inner transformation. It is a way of opening to greater love and ecstasy.

Aimed at those who always wanted to discover the secrets of Tantric Sexuality, “The Beginners Guide to Tantric Sexuality” is a superb six week course featuring demonstrations and narrative by Tantric teachers Leora Lightwoman and Roger Lichy.

Tantric Sexuality will offer you a flavour of Sacred Sexuality.

A practical approach to appreciating sensual relationship as a spiritual path.

Soul Gazing – seeing the essence in your beloved.

Tantric energy movement through the whole of your body; a precursor to whole-body orgasm.

Tantric touch – awakening meditative pleasure and deep sensuality.

The “Heatwave” – a traditional Tantric meditation to connect sexual feelings with love and to expand pleasure into bliss.

The Dance of the Divine Archetypes: exploring different aspects of being a man or a woman, in lovemaking and in life.


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