No More Procrastination Hypnosis MP3

No More Procrastination Hypnosis

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How would you like to find it easy to get your jobs done? to actually ENJOY getting the next thing out of the way! No More Procrastination is a downloadavle MP3 audio hypnosis session designed to help that happen for you.

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Product Description

Procrastination is a very common problem that can be associated with complex psycological issues such as low self-esteem, anger etc.

This hypnosis session is designed to tackle some of these underlying issues for you, by-passing the conscious mind using deep trance to putĀ  in place new perspectives and strategies that will help you break free of the clutches of procrastination.

The session is provided by trained hypnotherapist and internationally recognised metaphysical teacher Gillian Bowles MBA and is provided as an MP3 download – so you could be using it within minutes of purchase.

Duration: 26:29 min.


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