Mini Meditations For Stress Free Living CD

Mini Meditations for Stress Free Living


Seven 10 minute meditations for stress free living. Each meditation is short and sweet and is ideal for those with a busy life-style looking for a way to relieve stress and relax.

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Think You have’nt got time to meditate? Think again! These “mini” meditations are perfectly suited to relieve the stress resulting from our busy lifestyles.

These 7 mini meditations are short and sweet, running no longer than 10 minutes each. Perfectly suited to busy lifestyles, choose one of these seven soothing themes for stress-relief every day of the week. Simply select the meditation you wish to experience, sit back, close your eyes and be transported to serenity. you will emerge feeling refreshed, revitalized and ready for anything. 10 minutes is all it takes! These mini-meditations are also perfect for beauty therpists wanting to relax clients during treatments and personal trainers or yoga teachers who use short relaxation exercises during their sessions.


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