Life Healing Chants and Meditations Digital MP3

Life Healing – Chants and Meditations


Life Healing – Chants and Meditations is a powerful, emotive and life-changing collection designed to help change your life for the one you want and deserve. If you are looking to change or heal your life, then the powerful combination of emotional chants and effective visualization will help start that process. Provided in high quality digital MP3 format for immediate download.

Product Description

Life Healing Chants and Meditations is a series of chant and meditation designed to explore the process of change and forgiveness. Experience first hand the process of change, love and forgiveness in this downloadable version of our unique audio process. Specifically designed to trigger emotional responses and help discover the underlying reasons why you might be sabotaging yourself. This is only for those who are ready for change. This powerful, effective and life changing process is regularly used in Life Healing and Louise Hay Workshops throughtout the world because it works!

Each of the emotional songs is followed by a guided meditation carefully designed to work with the emotional state created by the previous chant. If there is one audio program you should have to help in your process of change, this is it.

Doors – Opening Up to Positive Change

Releasing the past, realizing the present and discovering your ideal future. Doors is a powerful opening up chant followed by a guided meditation designed to help leave the past behind and move on to your new exciting future.

Choosing Love, Joy and Freedom

Connect with your body and your own inner-wisdom. An uplifting, joyous chant followed by a guided meditation to get in touch with your body and desires.


Releasing old anger and forgiving. This very important process is all about letting go of anger that can keep you “stuck” and using forgiveness as a tool for moving on and leaving it behind. A powerful chant followed by a guided meditation.


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