Letting Go of the Past Hypnosis MP3

Letting Go of the Past Hypnosis

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Sometime events and traumas in our past continue to sabotage our future. Confronting the issues can be difficult and sometimes distressing. This downloadable audio hypnosis session is designed to help you let go of the past – without having to confront it – using hypnosis as a tool to tap into your subconscious.

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Product Description

Events in the past can leave emotional scars that are buried deep inside. If left – these scars can have a terrible impact on our lives and our health, preventing us living a full and fulfilled life.

This hypnosis audio is designed to help people tackle these issues without having to “dig up” the past directly – instead we use hypnosis as a tool to tackle them at a subconsious level. All you have to do is listen, relax and let the hypnosis do its magic.

The session is provided by trained hypnotherapist and internationally recognised metaphysical teacher Gillian Bowles MBA and is provided as an MP3 download – so you could be using it within minutes of purchase. Duration is 17:19 minutes.