Healing Inside Out, How to heal naturally Book & CD

Healing Inside Out – How To Heal Naturally

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Healing Inside Out – How to Heal Naturally is a book and companion CD that provides a complete mind-body healing process. It deals with emotional healing, about getting to grips with the underlying issues that may be manifesting illness, anxiety, depression or a lack of joy in your life.

Product Description

Western medicine has focused on the cure of symptoms and rarely turns it attention to the underlying causes of illness. Gillian provides a different healing approach, one that looks for the emotional issues that may be causing illness or anxiety. She provides the same process that helped her cure her own serious illness. By removing the underlying issues that can cause poor health and activating the powerful healing ability of your own body the way to real healing is revealed. So that you can heal naturally.

Healing Inside Out – How to Heal Naturally is ideal for those who either don’t have the time or the inclination to attend a workshop or see a therapist but still want to try some of the powerful techniques used – in the comfort of their own home. Gillian Bowles MBA IPTI was certified by Louise Hay herself and is an internationally renowned author and teacher. She guides the reader through several of the exercises and provides a simple step-by-step guide to success.

Some of the exercises are interactive and will require active participation. The book is supplied with a companion CD “Release & Heal” to augment the process of change and to fully engage the reader with the process and the techniques. Whilst some of the chants on the CD, used for emotional alignment are very beautiful, don’t be fooled. This is a practical working audio for those who want to let go of their issues and heal their lives or bodies.

If you are looking for something that will really make a difference to your life. If you think you have issues but are not ready to attend a workshop or see a therapist then this book could be the intervention you are looking for. Gillian describes Healing Inside Out and the CD, Release and Heal as a “mini healing workshop”. She will guide you through several powerful exercises that are designed to get to the core of your issues and help you release them so that you can move on to a healthier and Happier future. So that you can just heal naturally.

The exercises include …

    • An Opening Up Exercise ( with intro & explanation)
    • Mind Body Exercise ( with intro & explanation)
    • Anger Releasing
    • Inner Child
    • Happy Healthy Future

The exercises use chants, visualization, meditation and Non-Dominant hand analysis to to explore your emotional landscape and start the process of release. The process has been put together in a way that allows you to work through the exercises at your own pace and you can always repeat exercises that you found particularly helpful. When the journey is done, the last track leaves you with a positive emotional feeling and looking forward to your healthier happier future.

This book & CD is for anyone who is looking for healing of the body or the spirit.

The download version of the CD “Release & Heal” is available here as a seperate item.

The book and CD is also available as a downloaded. You can download and start using immediately after purchase. The digital version is available here.


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