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Healing Hypnosis – Healing with Hypnosis

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Healing Hypnosis is an audio hypnosis session designed to undermine the emotional causes of health problems and illness and super-charge your immune defences by slipping past the conscious and working directly with your sub-conscious mind. High Quality MP3 format for immediate download.

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Product Description

Healing Hypnosis – works by using hypnosis as an enabler to “switch on” your natural body defences.

When facing a health or healing crisis, it is often hard to let go and use affirmations as effectively to power your healing. Hypnosis simply by-passes the conscious mind and is a powerful technique for entraining the subconscious with the healing beliefs it needs.

The session is provided by trained hypnotherapist and internationally recognised metaphysical teacher Gillian Bowles MBA and is provided as an MP3 download – so you could be using it within minutes of purchase. Duration is 32:51 minutes.


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