Finding Inner Peace Hypnosis

Finding Inner Peace Hypnosis

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Finding Inner Peace Audio Hypnosis is designed to help people find calm and inner peace creating an inner harmony. Conscious resistance is simply by-passed by hypnosis which works at a subconscious level. Provided as a High Quality MP3 Audio for immediate download.

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Product Description

Do you ever get that feeling that life is too busy, that the world is crowding in and all you want is a little peace and calm? Well this audio hypnosis session is designed to help you reach that place.

Just use the hypnosis regularly and feel the anxiety and stress just slip away. There is no effort, simply listen, relax and let the hypnosis do its magic for you!

The session is provided by trained hypnotherapist and internationally recognised metaphysical teacher Gillian Bowles MBA and is provided as an MP3 download – so you could be using it within minutes of purchase.

Duration 16:50 minutes


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